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A Benefit is a result that someone thinks is worthwhile.

BM Network, Leeds 13th July - ePrescribing and an Opportunities Party

Our latest meeting took place on Thursday 13th July at LIDA, University of Leeds.

It's been a while since we last met and it was good to meet up again.

We had an excellent session on where Leeds Teaching Hospital Trusts (LTHT) is to date with the implementation of electronic prescribing.  We learned some of the headlines from their current benefits analysis and the challenges they are facing to prove further benefits.  We will also got to share research findings relating to pharmacists behavioural changes in response to eP implementation.

We all know that there are no problems, only opportunities. Unsurprisingly, we didn't find instant guaranteed answers to the opportunities but a few suggestions sounded worth pursuing and anyway, it's good to talk.

We look forward to the next event.

Ruth Evans, Yorkshire Centre for Health Informatics

David Waller, Keldale Business Services Ltd