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BM Network, Leeds 23rd October - Business Continuity

Our latest meeting took place on Monday 23rd Oct at NHS Digital, Leeds.Thanks aas usual go to our our speakers and to NHS Digital for providing the venue.


Leon Bamforth – Cost of failure case study

Leeds pathology covers 5 sites at LTHT, 2 Bradford hospitals and 106 GP practices, 10,000 samples / day.

When it crashed in Sept 2016 the system remained down for 21 days.

A series of errors and issues led to the crash. Investment went on a new lab robot and not on the basic hardware, leaving the lab to run on ancient critical infrastructure. Key staff left and were not replaced so failing hard drives in the RAID server weren’t spotted and replaced. The daily backups hadn’t been checked and had failed so the system could not be recovered.

The underlying problems are still there. The Trust hasn’t got the money to upgrade its infrastructure. General spending per patient is falling and will continue to do so. When it’s a struggle to spend enough on the day to day essentials, it’s hard to take money out to spend on reducing risks.

Leon’s presentation led into a general session on infrastructure and risk mitigation benefits, putting a value on the hypotheticals and how to create a compelling case to act. His case study was an excellent example of how serious system failures can be.

Helen Arthur - New Care Models and Technology Enabled Care Services

There are 50 vanguards are developing new care models, and acting as blueprints and inspiration for the rest of the health and care system. Each has a clear, shared vision about what their local technology requirements are based on their vision as a new care model, and making progress on the way to delivering it.

Helen works in NHS England’s Harnessing Technology which is one of seven supporting workstreams for the Vanguards. Part of commitment to work with the vanguards to establish what good looks like for a new care model, and codify learning to enable others to benefit from their experience.

NHS England commissioned a review of the evidence base for technology enabled care services (TECS) which:

  • provides a pragmatic view of where localities could more confidently invest resources
  • signposts most appropriate solutions to common needs and, where possible, demonstrating return on investment and/or improvements to outcomes
  • draws together evidence into clear, practical advice

It will be useful to vanguards and other organisations delivering TECS so they can:

  • evaluate the outcomes of TECS models robustly and consistently
  • determine the best use of TECS within the framework of their wider objectives
  • ensure they make good investments in TEC and receive optimal return

TECS will shortly release an easy-to-use interactive Benefits Realisation Tool for use by various stakeholders including CCGs and Local Authorities, which:

  • enables new models of care vanguards and other commissioners of TECS to assess the benefit of their innovations
  • combines various data sources to compare and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a TEC service or intervention.
  • assesses the potential return on investment (ROI) for investing in TECS

David Waller – Future Focused Finance

The Healthcare Financial Management Association has introduced Future Focused Finance (FFF) as professional development for finance staff in the NHS. One of its key products is Best Possible Value, a toolkit that provides:

  • New ways to model, plan and decide what gives most value
  • Widespread and consistent application of the new approaches to maximising value

There is a comprehensive site at


The next session of the Yorks BM Network is scheduled for 25th January at NHS Digital, Leeds.

Ruth Evans, Yorkshire Centre for Health Informatics

David Waller, Keldale Business Services Ltd