A Guide gets you through difficult territory. They won’t pick your destination, though they may make suggestions. “This summit has a better view.” “We can get to that destination in half the time.” You are in charge of where you want to end up. compassrosesq

The Guide won’t carry your bags. Your party does the heavy work.

What they will do is lead you by the optimal route to where you want to be. Their knowledge of the area and experience of previous journeys means they can avoid the pitfalls and dead-ends and select easier and quicker paths.

In business terms, that’s what a Decision Guide does. It’s still your business, you understand what you are about, you make the decisions on what you want to change and your people do the work to change it.

I bring the subject matter expertise in making business choices and the experience of seeing how it’s been done before.

I may make suggestions:

  • I raise awareness of drivers for change, new things to try, new challenges to be met.
  • I help clients understand the environment in which they operate
  • By making the connections across this environment I open up new possibilities to them
  • An honest discussion and review tests significant business change before investment is committed

I lead you by the optimal route to your objective:

  • I work with clients to define a set of agreed shared objectives
  • I help them to make strategic decisions by selecting the optimum portfolio of initiatives, programmes and projects
  • I give them the tools and facilitation to improve the quality of their decisions
  • I help clients review their existing activity or plans to confirm their benefits and / or identify new ones

My role is to take you through the process of making those decisions so that you choose the best option and take the optimal route to business success.