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Proposition Design

Compelling Propositions

Use Benefits Management to understand your customer. Partner with them to deliver the optimal solution.


"...but where's the convincing argument?"

You're selling complex products and services to complex customers. The idea of giving the customer what they want isn't always as straightforward as you'd wish. When it is straightforward you then struggle to stand out from the competition. When it's complicated, your customer struggles to explain what they want. So how can you deliver value for money when they don't know what the solution is worth to them in the first place?

We believe this is because not enough effort is being put into the up-front selection of the right objectives and benefits by the right people. We have an approach that addresses this problem. It's been used successfully in bids worth hundreds of millions.

Benefits Management is usually associated with programmes and projects, long after the buying decision has been made. That's much too late. The method is far better applied right at the start. Benefits Management is a sales tool that works for Account Teams learning about their customer's possible needs. Better still, it's great for building relationships, partnering with your customers to create a solution that satisfies you both.

You make a convincing argument when you can answer these questions:

Benefits Management gives you the answers. 

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