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Our Unique Benefits Management Approach

Benefits Management isn't a commodity purchase. We don't simply apply a generic methodology. We tailor our approach to the benefits each client is trying to achieve using someone who understands the client's business.

We wrap Benefits Management within our wider range of specialist experience and skills. That way, it can be appreciated as a practical doctrine, used where it adds value.

We have rare experience. Lots of people talk 'benefits'. They go through the motions of benefits realisation without understanding what the actual benefits really are or having a robust process to select and achieve them. Things have improved in recent years but skilled practitioners remain rare.

We have:

• Directed and led the benefits management element of programmes and projects

o Within public and private organisations

o Across health communities

o As part of national initiatives

• Provided expert technical support to a wide range of programmes and projects in all aspects of the benefits management cycle

• Participated in a variety of service improvement programmes and projects as change agents and stakeholder representatives

We understand what the benefits really are. Cranfield University defines a benefit as 'an advantageous change realised from the transformation of resources to deliver new or improved value adding activity.' More simply, it's whatever a stakeholder perceives to be of value.

Our experience shows that this isn't as straightforward as many would think. Often people suggest system features or outcomes when they are asked for benefits. Projects are chosen to deliver faster response time or greater capacity as benefits without a clear understanding of why these are beneficial.

We have a rich understanding of the potential benefits from Service Improvement, Workforce Development, ICT and many other initiatives across the private and public sectors.