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A Benefit is a result that someone thinks is worthwhile.

Means, Motive and Opportunity

Means, motive and opportunity, it works for murderers so why not for managers?
• Motive, the force (external or internal) that gives you the need to take action
• Means, the relevant physical and intangible resources you have that enable you to take action
• Opportunity, the suitable time and place where you can take action 

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Benefits in bite-sized bits...

Agile delivers time-bound pieces of functionality. It has the flexibility to adapt to circumstances and lessons learned from previous time boxes.
Benefits Management can work well in an Agile setting but it may have to run to keep up


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Where's the proof?

What's the evidence that there are benefits to be gained from Benefits Management?

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Benefits Management in need of re-branding?

I needed a new job description because I don’t want to realise benefits anymore and I don’t want to manage change. Too many people think that Benefits are now the treats you give the staff so they will behave. Change is just making people do things differently. Frankly, I want to do something bigger than that.

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Picking 'Good' Benefits

Rather than concentrate on the methodology, this page describes the output of Benefits Management. The processes, tools and forms are there to help you produce good benefits. They are not ends in themselves. Instead of getting bogged down in the paperwork we must understand what we actually want to achieve.

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