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A Benefit is a result that someone thinks is worthwhile.

Willingness to pay, the last refuge of a scoundrel?

Dr Johnson said that patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel. In business, I think it’s Executives’ implicit willingness to pay.

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The Decision Maker’s Starter Kit

I created Goal Modelling as a toolkit for young people who are facing their first big decisions with not a lot of practical help. The more I thought about it though, the more I realised that there are plenty of older, wiser people out there who would also appreciate a few pointers.

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The Idea Test

Hypothesis testing is a way of testing new ideas against your strategy, objectives and context. Before running away with a brilliant new idea, it needs to be checked to see how good it really is and how well it fits with who you are and what you do.

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Biggest Barrier to Change

Management workshops and discussion boards often ask what gets in the way of successful change. Typical replies say that Barriers to Change are:
• Money
• Senior sponsorship
• Individuals’ resistance to change
What’s missing here? How about, “It was a dumb idea to start with”?

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Means, Motive and Opportunity

Means, motive and opportunity, it works for murderers so why not for managers?
• Motive, the force (external or internal) that gives you the need to take action
• Means, the relevant physical and intangible resources you have that enable you to take action
• Opportunity, the suitable time and place where you can take action 

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